Data Products

The following datasets are available to license:


An assessment of the overheating risk of every UK property, based on analysis of a wide range of factors including property type, location, weather patterns, surrounding land use and exposure. Assessments are provided for current conditions and multiple climate change scenarios.

EPC enhanced

An up-to-date, UK-wide database of EPC certificates cleaned for general analytical workflows. Improvements include: standardised formatting, categorical variables, descriptors and null-ish values; updated energy and carbon figures; and comprehensive error checking.

Air quality

Current exposure levels and trends of key pollutants (including NO2, SO2 and particulate matter) at every UK property. These are provided alongside UK-wide rankings and assessed against World Health Organisation guidelines.

Flood assessment

A comprehensive flood risk assessment of every UK property. Analysis includes risk of flooding from rivers, seas and groundwater, reliance on flood defences, evidence of historical flooding, distance to closest flood zone, elevation and distance to coast.


Climate assessments (and rankings) for each UK location. Factors covered include average annual sunshine, average temperature, maximum temperature, rainfall and wind speed. These are provided alongside forward-looking temperature and rainfall projections under multiple climate change scenarios.

Green upgrades

Estimated energy and carbon savings potential of more than 30 common green home upgrades including heat pumps, solar PV, insulation and smart thermostats. These are provided for more than 10,000 property types, segmented by attributes including location, size, age and type.

Energy & carbon stats

Statistics including average energy efficiency and carbon footprint, grouped by location (postcode, local authority, region and country) and property type.


A dataset that links unique property reference numbers (UPRNs) to the names and codes of relevant administrative boundaries including postcodes, electoral areas, local authorities, regions and countries.

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