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Energy Model

Generate highly accurate energy projections for any property

Harness the power of dynamic modelling with our state-of-the-art energy model, developed in collaboration with leading academic experts.

Achieve highly accurate projections of energy use, carbon footprint, and upgrade impacts for any UK residential property.

In collaboration with expert academic partners, we have developed a market-leading energy model that can provide highly accurate projections of energy use, carbon footprint and upgrade impacts within residential properties.

This leverages the power of dynamic modelling to address many of the limitations of commonly used methodologies such as SAP (which underpins EPC assessments). It is currently available via an API.

The model factors-in a wide range of considerations - including property size, type, age, local climatic conditions, occupancy levels and usage patterns - and provides projections that are broken-down by month and use (space heating, water heating and lighting).

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