The physical and transition risks associated with climate change will dramatically alter the value and liveability of millions of properties.

Patterns of flooding, extreme weather and subsidence are changing, risks such as wildfires, overheating and invasive species are emerging, while considerations relating to energy efficiency are becoming central to property assessments.

At the same time, individuals are paying more attention to how properties (and their locations) impact physical and mental wellbeing when making decisions about where to live.

Managing this increasing complexity represents a significant challenge for organisations operating within the property sector. In particular, adequately assessing the risks and opportunities that these topics pose at an individual property level can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming process.

In response, PropEco has developed a data-driven platform that makes it quick, cheap and easy for organisations and their customers to future-proof property.

PropEco Platform

This integrates hundreds of sources of data, proprietary models and cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to provide an in-depth and holistic property assessment quickly and cost-effectively using just an address, UPRN or coordinate.

Importantly, by factoring-in both physical and transition climate risks, as well as wellbeing impacts, we help our clients avoid common mistakes, spot new opportunities and more effectively anticipate longer-term risks and opportunities.

This platform power multiple products and services, including an API, Data Explorer, Property Reports and a Portfolio Assessment Service.

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