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Portfolio Analysis

Fast, flexible and powerful risk assessments for property portfolios

Assess and monitor current and future risk exposure across your property portfolio with our real-time, flexible and comprehensive assessment and monitoring service.

Leverage the power of our interactive dashboard to streamline processes, monitor trends and uncover new insights.

The PropEco portfolio analysis and monitoring service offers the most in-depth and up-to-date assessment of the risks and opportunities impacting the properties in your portfolio, including:

Energy Efficiency

Current and potential EPC ratings.

Energy use

Current and potential energy use and cost estimates.

Carbon footprint

Current and potential carbon footprint estimates.

Upgrade options

Estimated cost and impact of green property upgrades.

Flood risk

Current pluvial, fluvial and coastal flood risk, as well as potential medium- and long-term changes.


Current and future overheating risk, based on our proprietary assessment framework.


Current natural subsidence risk and potential medium- and long-term changes.

Coastal erosion

Medium- and long-term erosion potential and anticipated protection measures.

The flexibility, responsiveness and data coverage that PropEco offers really sets its solution apart.

Chris Reid, Finance Director

Stafford Building Society

Assessments can be expanded to include a wide range of additional factors including air quality, planning restrictions, proximity to hazards and access to amenities.

grid showing areas that are reported on


Assessments utilise a combination of proprietary and third-party datasets, alongside our industry-leading property model.

Developed in collaboration with a world-leading academic partner, this model:

  • Leverages state-of-the-art building simulation techniques
  • Provides more accurate and highly customisable energy use & carbon footprint projections
  • Removes any dependency on EPCs
  • Offers unique insights into internal property factors including overheating risk


Outputs from each assessment are provided as a data download and a bespoke PDF report. Results can also be accessed and analysed through an interactive dashboard.


This facilitates more effective and streamlined analysis by enabling users to:

  • Easily track portfolio changes
  • Automate assessment and reporting
  • Generate new insights
  • Access real-time data updates
  • Integrate historical portfolio assessments (generated internally or by other vendors)

Key Benefits

Our tech-enabled approach offers numerous benefits:


Assessments take a holistic approach and incorporate a wide range of topics.


Assessments consider risks across multiple timeframes and climate change scenarios.

Unique insights

Assessments leverage the PropEco data platform to deliver in-depth and holistic analysis.


The process and outputs can easily be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Quick turnaround

We guaranteee delivery of each assessment within 10 working days.

Regular updates

Assessments can be refreshed quarterly or monthly to reflect updates in underlying data sources.

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