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Property Reports

Customisable and branded property reports for customers

Provide customers with engaging and accessible insights through white-labelled PropEco property reports.

Enhance relationships and boost engagement while decarbonising and de-risking your portfolio.

In the coming years, climate change will significantly impact value and liveability of millions of properties.

PropEco identifies the key risks and opportunities facing any property, allowing individuals to:

Save time, money and stress
Protect the value of their home
Anticipate future shocks
Safeguard their wellbeing
Make better property decisions
Reduce their carbon footprint

Each property assessment checks against thousands of data points and AI-powered models to determine:

Energy Efficiency

Access accurate energy cost and carbon footprint estimates - powered by our industry-leading energy model - and understand how these compare to nearby properties.

Upgrade options

Quickly assess inefficiencies in a property, then determine the cost, energy-saving potential and return on investment of suitable green upgrades.

Upgrade pathways

Seamlessly connect with relevant grants, green loans and accredited installers to make the process of upgrading faster, cheaper, easier and safer.

Property risks

Identify major risks that could impact the liveability and value of a property, including flooding, subsidence, overheating and regulation.

Wellbeing impacts

Understand how factors such as air quality, sources of pollution and access to amenities at a property could impact the physical and mental wellbeing of its occupants.

Climate risks

Determine how climate change is likely to impact weather patterns, physical risks and regulation at a property over the coming years.

Each report covers a wide range of factors including air quality, planning restrictions, proximity to hazards and access to amenities.

grid showing areas that are reported on

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