AI in the Sky: project update

May 5, 2023


The UK is currently working towards legally binding targets that are designed to ensure that it achieves ‘net zero’ by 2050. Given that residential property currently accounts for around 20% of CO2 emissions and is highly exposed to extreme weather events, the country faces a growing pressure to decarbonise and ‘climate-proof’ its housing stock.

However, at present, it is too challenging for most households and property professionals to accurately assess the risks and opportunities that an individual property faces. The inaction that inevitably results leaves households vulnerable to increasing energy prices and climate risks. This, in turn, is a major problem for the government and companies with exposure to the residential property sector.

InnovateUK Project

In September 2022, PropEco was awarded an InnovateUK grant to explore the potential of combining artificial intelligence / machine-learning technologies and multiple data sources (including satellite imagery) to address some of these issues.

Following an extensive literature review, the six-month project focused on developing, testing and refining a prototype tool that can automatically (and accurately) assess the viability, cost and output of roof-mounted solar PV systems.

Progress & next steps

‘Version 1’ represents a powerful addition to the PropEco platform, which is designed to make it as easy, quick and inexpensive as possible for individuals, lenders and property professionals to assess and improve the energy efficiency and climate resilience of residential properties.

In addition, we are currently working to expand the scope of the tool to enable automated assessments of any property on the basis of factors such as:

  • Roof condition and design (which influence resilience to strong winds).
  • Proximity to other buildings, bodies of water and trees (which influence heat exposure).
  • Garden size (an indicator of suitability for ground-source heat pumps).
  • The presence of a driveway or garage (for E.V. charging infrastructure).

Ultimately, we hope, this will have the potential to help millions of people across the UK (and beyond!) reduce their energy costs, lower their carbon footprint and protect the value of their homes.For any questions or to find out more about using the tools developed through the AI in the Sky project, please get in touch at